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The New Box Program

Increased leads… Increased Sales
No Risk… Added Value

Step 1 – Advertise

“Buy and AC or Heat pump, Get a Free TV”.

Step 2 – Leads

Set the appointment.

Step 3 – Home Appointment

Sales call or service call and offer
free gift with new HVAC System

Step 4 – Install & Collect Payment

Step 5 – Purchase Free Gift

Purchase online from Best Buy /
New Box Portal. Best Buy works with
your customer to pick up at their
neighborhood store

Step 6 – Submit to Manufacturer for 50% reimbursement

Limited space available! Sign up today!
call 800-577-2039 or email to [email protected]

This advertisement is produced and distributed by New Box Marketing llc, and independently owned and operated business. Best Buy is only responsible for providing the incentives to support the promotion. Best Buy logo and tag design are trademarks of Best Buy. Copyright New Box Marketing. 2017